Solving the question of color can be one of the most daunting obstacles in home improvement, resulting in stress and loss of time and money. However, once solved, color has the ability to act as the foundation for the rest of your design decisions. Color-first design uses color as an underlying unifier in the home, business, or workplace, allowing for ease of mind, spirit, and body.

With the aim of making cohesive design and decor decisions simple, Dezignable has developed our patented ColorViews™ technology. Our team of professional developers, interior designers, and color consultants have created a system which takes all the guesswork out of coordinating color and style within your home. Watch our informational video above and find out how we aim to assist in the evolution of your home design experience.

ColorViews™ - Technology in Practice

Designer Recommendations

Designer Recommendations

On the bottom of every product’s page on the shop.dezignable site, you will find Designer Recommendations for that particular product. These items were chosen by our stylists and colorists specifically as style and color matches for each item in our catalog. This allows you the freedom to design without the fear of lack of cohesion and compatibility in your space. If you click on View More, you will see a plethora of products which our team recommends, with your option to view Bold, Muted, and Neutral colors, based our your preference.

Design Space

Design Space

With our new tool, Design Space, we have created a whole new way for you to shop, explore, and design your space. Once you have marked your favorite products on our site, you can create a Design Space by dragging these items within the tool onto a board, so you can rearrange, compare, and contrast products to find what works for you. We took it a step further with the ColorViews compatibility tool, which gives you a percentage match, based on the color/style compatibility with the item you’ve chosen as your focal point.


Shop by Vibe

Every room, every space, every color has a vibe. It’s a feeling you get from the experience of it. Dezignable aims to find your vibe and help you to re-create it within your own home or office. Our team profiles vibe imagery so that you can find a vibe which matches your taste, and quickly match that with furniture, color, and decor for your own space. We even have a personal vibe service which will take a vibe image you’ve discovered and profile it for you, literally creating your own personal vibe from scratch. If you can see it and imagine it, we can help you to create it.

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