Lighten your life with Scandinavian VIBES from ferm living

With the noise and new life that Spring carries let the clutter and chaos of old and dysfunctional things fall from your life, peel back to the essential and core layers . Take the simplistic Scandinavian approach to design with breathy pastels and clean lines from ferm LIVING. We love the sense of weightlessness that comes from pairing back and indulge in satisfying geometric shapes.


ferm LIVING draws on Scandinavian design traditions and retro charm – but with a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. Authentically made in Denmark you can see the historical Danish Modern influence in the design.  Founder Trine Andersen started the studio as a graphic design firm in 2005 but quickly grew into what is now a thriving company serving home decor goods to the world. The companies quaint name came from a saying her grandmother used to say- “ferm på fingrene” literally meaning someone who is good with their fingers- a praise of high prestige indeed. Though distributed around the world ferm LIVING design generation remains rooted in Danish soil. Their modern yet reassuringly homey home decor goods are well made and inspire a jovial, free and modern lifestyle. With everyday life as an inspiration, Trine designs home decor goods from the heart. She is never calculated in mass affirmation- rather seeking to create goods she can’t find for her own home. The positive reception is truly genuine. 


With refined and artisinal values ferm LIVING decor has a satisfying calmness. This urban office VIBE provides a focused and restful place to work and be creative alike. Delicate yet strong in form, here are some Scandinavian products we are loving this spring.


1. Plant Hanger Low  2. Kilim Rug White Lines  3. Stoneware Neu Pitcher 4. Hexagon Vase


Whimsical and natural ferm LIVING has a wide array of children’s decor products for tiny dreamers. The graphic prints have an exaggerated expression while the colors drift from one washed out and subdued hue into the next.


1. Whale Pillow 2. Wallpaper Cloud Mint 3. Cork Trivet 4. Round Jute Carpet Sticks



Pay tribute to the Northwest and “put a bird on it.”

Instead of chasing worries and deadlines this Spring, revert to a streamlined and playful look with ferm LIVING.