PH PICKS: Paris bistro dining


I’ve never gone to France, but I love the idea of eating there. One thing I remember about being in Europe was that all the coffee was amazing, not to mention the hot chocolate. I think my next travel destination abroad will be Paris, and I plan to drink coffee with small plates of fromage, croissants, and macarons all day long. Paris bistro dining has a very sophisticated, yet straightforward style that is both very chic, yet refreshing.


Though I’m not in Paris, every time I have a cup of a coffee in a pretty cup, my mind wanders to dreams of sitting outside those colorful french cafes with my favorite book.


1. russel wright cup and saucer | Bob’s Your Uncle 2. crown breakfast set | Rae Dunn by Magenta 3. colorit espresso cup and saucer | ASA Selection 4. saint germain dessert plates | Rae Dunn by Magenta 5. i ware espresso cup and saucer | Seletti 6. porcelain savour biscuit dish | Rosanna

Do you dream of Paris bistro dining whilst drinking espresso with sweet pastries? Where will you be going for your next trip abroad?

images: feature, green bistro