Consumer Therapy: Reinventing Gifting

The holidays are overwhelming on so many levels!  The part of the holidays that I both love and fear the most is gifting.  I love giving gifts, even more than I like receiving them.  But I’m the type that will obsess ages in advance about finding everyone the ultimate meaningful gift, which can make the prospect of holiday shopping rather daunting!  This year I’m reinventing my strategy on how to shop for the perfect gifts.

When thinking of gifting there are two immediate categories that pop into mind: things the person might want and things they might need.  The stealthy question-approach to see what they might want is a classic move but requires extreme subtlety so you don’t give away the reason you’re asking.  You can also heighten your powers of observation around them and see what you detect, but picking up on the right hint is also challenging.

So here’s my gifting reinvention this year: I’m going to try shopping for the home, rather than the person.  Homes are such an extension of us, that if you find the perfect thing for someone’s home, you have also found a great gift for that person.

For example, this room is just asking for the perfect rug!  The addition of a rug could both add some color and define the living space.  This green lattice rug by Surya complements the fresh organic feel of the room, while alternatively this subtle blue and white rug plays off the grays in the room.

Reinventing Gifting: Surya rugs

Reinventing GiftingThis decorative bowl would be perfect to mirror the the colors in the sofa and lamps in this room, and would add interest to the coffee table.

Reinventing Gifting: jade bowlSometimes the perfect piece of decor is something quirky that fits both the decor and personality of the space.  For this black and white office space sporting retro features, these funky sculptured glasses or black jacks from Cyan Design could be the perfect touch of whimsy.

Reinventing Gifting: Cyan Design

officeReinventing how you shop for gifts is a great way to keep your ideas fresh and a sure way to delight your family and friends.  And most importantly they are sure to notice the thought you put in to it.  Happy shopping!

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