DIY Friday: DIY Air Plant Terrarium Bookends

I Can Do It, You Can Do It: DIY Air Plant Terrarium

I love terrariums. I love looking at all the amazingly beautiful and creative terrariums people create with all kinds of different plants and decorative objects. While I pride myself on my little indoor garden, I have yet to conquer the trickiness of terrariums.

After one very failed attempt to create a succulent terrarium like this one:

succulent terrarium Little Things

I decided to make a terrarium a little more my speed. My poor little succulent didn’t last long — it died within a week of being planted in my glass container. After cleaning out the container of dead succulent juice, I decided I wasn’t ready to give up on terrariums altogether — just that I needed to start a little smaller. And easier.

I decided to make an air plant terrarium instead! I made two and am currently using them as cute book ends to dress up my bookshelves a little. The best part is I rarely have to water them and they look awesome. Here’s how I made mine:


  1. Fill a clear glass container (of any size, the one above is a wide skinny one) with filler of your choosing. I used some black stone filler I had left over from a different project, but you could use colored glass, beads, shells, or larger stones.
  2. Arrange your air plants into your vase filler. I chose to pair one large, spindly air plant with a much smaller one for a little contrast. I dig a small hole in the stones to fit the larger air plant into so that it would stay in place and show off its long tendrils. The small one I just set in the corner on top of the stone.
  3. Add any other decorative elements you like! You could put in little toys or figures for a playful feel, one larger shell or rock, or stick in some dried plants like I did. I included two yellow billy button (also known as Craspedia) flowers into my terrarium for a little added color.

Since the ones I created are so small, they make perfect bookends. Not only do they keep my books in order, they give my boring bookshelves a little added style, too!

To keep your air plants happy, make sure to give them a 20-30 minute bath in water every two weeks. Occasional misting is good for them, too, but these can last a long time without water. You can find some more detailed air plant care tips (and buy your own air plants!) over at Air Plant Supply Co.