3 Ways to Display Memories

The other day I was at my local thrift store and saw a cute white picture frame that had four spaces for pictures. I’ve been slowly (but surely) trying to create a gallery wall in my apartment’s hallway but so far my “gallery” only consists of three framed photos. Not very impressive.

So I (gently) tossed the frame into my basket (along with a few glass vases for making terrariums) and went on my way. I painted the frame black and threw four photos in there and now it’s ready to hang! This gallery wall from Heart Tree Home is pretty much what I am going for (except that my photos aren’t in black and white and my wall isn’t green):

Black Framed Gallery Wall

Photo from Heart Tree Home

As I was doing this project I thought about all the other photos and mementos I have stashed in various boxes around the apartment. With the holidays coming up I thought now might be a good time to find some ways to display memories. I found these three ideas across the blogosphere. Check them out and let me know if you have any other good ideas!

1. Scrapbook Photo Albums

You could make your own memory scrapbook. The Creative Space has a cute tutorial on how to make a memory book that includes photos and messages. I like how they combine photography with writing out memories so the book is more than just a photo album, it’s a place to hold both pictures of your memories and the feelings behind them.

DIY Memory Book

Photo from The Creative Place

2. Memory Boxes

Another cute way you can store memories and keepsakes is by making a memory box. There are a lot of different ways you could go about this, but here is one short video that has a tutorial from Tori Spelling on how to make one out of spray paint and clay tiles:

3. Creative Wall Art

I don’t have any children (yet) but I love this ballet shoe/photo wall art I found on Pinterest. I took ballet myself when I was a kid, so maybe that’s partly why I like this idea so much. The person that put this together took ballet shoes from each year and attached photos to them with string. It’s such a cute idea!

DIY Ballet Shoe Memories

I also found a memory box DIY using shoes (I must just really like shoes I guess!) that I liked from Land of Nod’s blog Honest to Nod:

DIY Memory Box

Well those are the ideas I found! I’ll have to wait a few years before I get to do any DIY using cute pink shoes, but I am excited about starting my own memory scrapbook!  What are your favorite ways to display memories?