Cute Cafe Table DIY Project

Today’s a great weekend day for a little DIY project! How about trying this DIY for a cafe table made from wooden hangers, from Ready Made?

cafe table from wood hangersMaterials & Tools:
4 matching wooden suit hangers
18″ glass round
Hacksaw or bolt cutters
Bar clamp
Power drill, drill bits
Tape measure


  1. With a hacksaw or bolt cutters, cut off the wire hooks from the hangers.
  2. Cut off the dowels and wires (where you hang your pants) and set aside.
  3. Place the four wire-free hangers together (alternating the direction of the arms) to create the base of the table, and clamp in place. Be sure to clamp dead center on the hangers, level with where the hook used to pass through.
  4. With the clamp still in place, set the tabletop on the base. Loosen the clamp just enough so you can carefully adjust the hangers. Once the tabletop is level, retighten the clamp.
  5. Using a drill bit the same size as the dowels (removed in Step 2), drill two holes—one above the clamp and one below—straight through all four hangers.
  6. Slide the dowels through the drilled holes, and cut them so there is 1/2″ sticking out of the base on both sides.
  7. Remove dowels and measure in 1/2″ from each end.
  8. Drill a hole the same size as the wire (removed in Step 2), just to the outside of each 1/2″ mark on the dowels.
  9. Slide dowels back in hanger base. Cut four 1″ lengths of wire and slide them into the holes at the ends of each dowel.
  10. Remove the clamps and set the glass atop the base.