What’s Your Carpet Personality? The Ultimate Carpet Quiz from HGTV.

reentry_carpetDid you know carpet’s the third most expensive purchase homeowners make (after a house and car)? Unbelievable when you think about it right? There are lots of things to take into consideration when purchasing new carpeting: color, durability, room, budget, etc. Make sure you are educated before you start out on the hunt or you will be overwhelmed with all the choices and likely make a rash decision.

Find  your style, find your carpet. Take this quick and easy, 8 question carpet personality quiz from HGTV and hone in on your carpet style to help make your decision easier. Writer Melissa Macron worked with Alan Fletcher, a 30-year carpet-industry veteran, consumer advocate and author, to find the ideal style for your home. There are no rules for color and style: “Gone are the days of color fads where everyone goes for the same colors — like in the 70s with gold, avocado green or orange carpets,” says Fletcher. “All colors are in style for today’s consumer, including beiges, earth tones and bright, bold colors like blues, greens and purples.”